A true love of horses creates the bond and report that Miel Bernstein is renowned for in the horse industry.

“It is a combination of my early years riding in the backcountry followed by many years of competition in the A circuit that led me to believe that there can be a natural choice for sport horses,” says Miel. “Over the last 30 years I have seen horses in a more natural environment, living more healthy, sound and productive lives well into their 30’s. In comparison, many of the show horses that live in traditional high end show facilities are no longer sound in body, mind or sport by the time they reach their teens.”
Both styles of keeping horses have their advantages and disadvantages — but the reality is there is a way to have it all. With a little more effort on the part of the owners or caregivers the high level performance horse can live a healthy, happy sound life well into their 20’s and beyond.

Walking this middle ground to provide show horses with a more natural choice led to the establishment of Miellie Meadows – a premium equestrian facility in the Fraser Valley. At Miellie Meadows their mission is to provide a more natural choice for sport horses. Here, under the guidance of owner and manager Miel Bernstein, show horses from throughout North America are brought to the rehab facility to recoup, rest and repair in an environment that lets them be horses while maintaining the structure they have become used to.

Through Miellie Meadows, Miel also leads a team of skilled and motivated bare foot trimmers who are called upon to visit horses with owners wishing to maintain a healthy barefoot horse, to those suffering from severe foot ailments.

Managing Miellie Meadows is a challenging and rewarding undertaking – watching horses that were destined for retirement or worse be returned to their previous level of performance is a humbling experience. Miellie Meadows is an accumulation of all that Miel stands for and was designed with the horse in mind