Ann is a Certified CHA Level 2 coach with over 30 years of teaching experience.  Born in Jamaica, Ann ran her own riding school with retrained Thoroughbred ex racehorses off the track.  She did all the schooling of these horses herself, and among them was a son of the famous Secretariat who took her to short list for the Pan Am Games in 1990 in dressage.

The students from Dalkeith Riding School also competed in competitions in the other islands and South America winning and placing in their classes on horses  they had never ridden. Ann also coached Special Olympics Equestrian athletes and sent some of them to the Games in Minneapolis Saint Paul in 1990.  Her vast experience in equine Physiology allows her to train horses in a way that makes them sounder and calmer, and she is a follower of Philippe Karl, world renowned French Classical Equitation instructor.  Ann believes in safety first, fun and that riding begins with suppleness and balance of both horse and rider, along with understanding and compassion.

Ann Turner
Wisdom of the Herd