We offer overnight stops for your Horses and trailer hook up while you are traveling.


– $30 per night for stall with walkout (you provide feed).

– $40 per night for stall with walkout we provide feed.

– $50 per night for stall with walkout and trailer hookup for shower and facilities.

As well as natural horsemanship training, Miellie Meadows owner Miel Bernstein learned of barefoot hoofcare and lifestyle teachings. Through this she learned not only a holistic approach to hoofcare, but also to living conditions, riding and training, as well as healing techniques. She has since been inspired to learn all she can to keep her own horses, as well as all in her care, sound and healthy body, mind and spirit.

Miellie Meadows is truly a labour of love; combining a passion for horses, A love of the sport, competition horse, and the knowledge that a natural and healthy lifestyle for horses and humans is extremely important for health, well being and success.

Equine Rehabilitation & Therapy

A Sport Horse is an amazing animal of grace and power. Often, these athletes can incur injuries during their intense careers. These injuries are often minor and sometimes major. Whatever the case, at Miellie Meadows, sport horses in need of either short term or intensive rehabilitation receive the optimum chance for a full recovery. For many horse owners the facility has become the first response at the sign of physical trouble. Their specialized equipment, dedicated and trained staff, onsite veterinarian services and barn layout ensures that little stress, either emotionally or physically is experienced by either the horse or the owner.

An essential factor to the success of Millie Meadows Equine Rehabilitation Program is the Infrared Solarium. A specialized piece of equipment, it is one of only a small handful in British Columbia. The solarium increases circulation and aids in the healing of the horse’s muscles and tendons. Although it holds multiple purposes the key purpose is aiding in the healing of the ligaments along the upper neck and back while helping the horse rid its body of excess toxins, often resulting from heavy medication.

Another key feature of our equine rehabilitation and therapy program is the 3.5″ rubber bricks in the halls, stalls, and 50 ft runs to keep the horses optimally comfortable at all times. This feature in unique to Miellie Meadows and provides us with a smooth, non concussive weight bearing tissue rehabilitation surface for the equine athlete.

The 3.5″ rubber mats in the halls, stalls, and 50 ft runs keeps the horses optimally comfortable at all times and aids in smooth, non concussive weight bearing tissue rehabilitation.

In addition, Miellie Meadows has a team of certified barefoot hoof trimmers, a heated wash stall with warm and cold water and a foot soak area. Frequent consultation with owners ensures that all horses at Miellie Meadows receive the optimal level of care to restore their athlete to its previous level of performance – healthy, happy and sound. For more information about our team of equine rehabilitation professionals, or to see photos and testimonials please call us at (604) 889-2235 or email us at miellie @ mielliemeadows.com .