Are you looking for an exciting idea for your child’s birthday party? We have the perfect answer! Miellie Meadows offers really fun pony parties for your child’s birthday or special occasion.

The children get to experience our beautiful farm and friendly animals. They have plenty of time for assisted pony rides and pony cart rides with our miniature horse and pony. Afterwards you can continue the fun upstairs in our Pony Party Room.

Bring in your own cake and snacks and leave the clean-up to us.

Kids Birthday Parties

Our ponies would love to have your friends come to see them for your birthday party!

We will assist the children getting on the pony and having a ride around the indoor ring, or on nice days we can go outside.

We also have our miniature Horse Prince and a great little wagon for those children that just want to enjoy the pony experience.

You will be able to  have your party upstairs in our lounge with a full kitchen and bathroom.  Bring your own snacks and cake! Leave the clean up to us!


1 pony  and 2 – 6 children: $300 plus GST

2 ponies and 6 – 12 children:  $350 plus GST

2 ponies and 1 horse – 12 – 18 children: $450 plus GST

Contact Miel: (604) 889-2235  for more information or to book a party.

Pony Rides for younger riders age 5 and under:

1 – 3 kids – $100 an hour

3 – 8 kids – $200 an hour with 2 ponies

Toddlers under 3 – $75 for an hour (up to 3 kids)

Horse Experience:

Come and join us for a farm tour and a riding experience!  See how our horses are kept in a natural environment with their herd.  Also you can buy organic vegetables and home preserves when the are in season or available.

A family experience: 

4 – 5 members for 2 hours $200

5 – 7 members for 2 hours $250